April 28, 2007

BlueNote at the BAGHA

This week BlueNote are playing at the British Expat (BAGHA) Club here in Dhaka. The BAGHA have offered to donate all proceeds from tickets to the BNWLA Hostel Appeal. We're grateful for this very kind gesture.

April 26, 2007

Live at Le Saigon

We played our first Le Saigon gig as BlueNote last night, after our earlier appearance as part of Renaissance. Loud but appreciative crowd, including some of our very own FaceBook groupies (thanks Mehreen!) We also raffled some photography books to raise money for BNWLA too.

Shammu, the owner is promising to take us to Kolkata. Hope he means to play there... rather than just leaving us on the street.

April 20, 2007

Reception for Indian High Commissioner

We played last night at a reception for the Indian High Commissioner in the fabulous palace that is Shahab and Aisha Sattar's home. Various ambassadors from other countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka also attended, as well as a bevvy of glittering beauties...

The audience responded with huge enthusiasm to this new sound, bringing a new meaning to the term 'movers and shakers'.

A good time had by all, and lots more contacts for BlueNote. Next stop the Queen? The Pope?

April 19, 2007

Live at Club Nordic

BlueNote played live at Club Nordic last night. Well over a hundred people packed in for an evening of classy music, G&Ts and Italian food (in that order).

Not content with us playing till 11.30, the crowds clamoured for more, and we eventually got out of there at 1am. The manager said this had been easily the best musical event ever held at the club.

April 14, 2007

Bangla New Year Gig

Andrew played with Arnob at the big New Year festival gig at the Hotel Regency in Dhaka. It rocked! (Can I still write that at the age of 42?) Here's a pic. More gigs and collaboration in the pipeline.

April 13, 2007

BlueNote and the High Life

Stop Press: BlueNote have been asked to play at a party for the recently-arrived Indian High Commissioner in April, and also at a reception for the US Ambassador in June. Moving on up...

April 12, 2007

First ever gig

BlueNote played our first ever gig at Aaref's house last night, at the fundraising party for BNWLA. With 30 guests, it was the ideal first outing for the BlueNote sound, and managed to raise no less than £500 for the hostel. The audience loved it - with "Summertime", "Georgia" and "the Pink Panther" going down as particular favourites. Thanks to all for their support for the group, and more importantly for the hostel.

(Note the carefully designed drapes on the music stand: it's the details that count).

With bookings coming in now for May as well, Dhaka is going to hear a lot more of BlueNote in the coming weeks.

April 9, 2007

BlueNote on YouTube

Not an actual recording yet - working on that, but here's a little something I put together one hot and insomniac night to set the mood for an evening with BlueNote. We're looking into playing this at our gigs, before we come on stage...

Just imagine. You've arrived at a BlueNote evening. Long drink in hand, balmy air, feeling chilled. Up above the screen flickers into life. You take a sip, lean back into your chair, and begin to watch...

April 4, 2007

BlueNote Live at Le Saigon

Tickets on sale from today for our gig at Le Saigon on 26/04/07.

April 2, 2007

With Arnob Live at the British High Commission

Click here for more excellent work by Snigdha Zaman of Ikon Photo, Dhaka. YouTube video to follow of Arnob and me rehearsing...

Ornob/Andrew/Nazrul Live at the BHC