May 26, 2007

BlueNote/BNWLA on YouTube

Here is an excellent video made during one of our recent performances by a friend of BlueNote and the BNWLA Hostel Appeal, Mikey Leung. Mikey is a VSO and soon to be author of a new travel book about Bangladesh. His own website is well worth a visit at

May 25, 2007

BlueNote Live at the German Club

Played the GC last night. VERY hot and sweltering May evening. Perhaps outside concerts in June are best suited to Norway? But a great crowd. We'll be back later in the year.

May 20, 2007

BlueNote Live at PM Lounge

Great gig last Thursday in this hip venue, five floors up above the city. Capacity crowd too. We may well be looking at a regular monthly show here. Will keep you posted. Thanks to Kashfi for the pic.

May 19, 2007

Spaghetti Jazz

Don't miss the next BlueNote gig at Spaghetti Jazz on June 5th! Tickets available at the restaurant: 02 8822062. Book early to avoid frustration and heartbreak.

May 15, 2007


Last night was the first collaboration between BlueNote and Future Shorts: an evening of short films and jazz at the Nordic Club. Great atmosphere, candlelight, and some excellent films, not to mention of course the superb music. We're likely to be doing one of these evenings a month now, with all proceeds going to BNWLA.

May 8, 2007

Gigs galore

Busy weeks ahead, not least a gig at the trendy PM Lounge in Banani: a chance for BlueNote to meet the people outside of the exclusive expat clubs. Don't miss it.

May 3, 2007

Fundraising in the key of F

Great gig last night. Around 90 people there - balmy summer breeze, gins'n'tonics all round. What better setting for the cool sound of BlueNote? And besides, all proceeds from the tickets went to the BNWLA Hostel Appeal, making Tk 27,000 (£200) in one evening. Putting the fun into fundraising...

Thanks to Mikey Leung, a Friend of BlueNote for the pix, and in advance for the forthcoming YouTube (yes, at last!). His own website on life in Bangladesh is well worth a visit for excellent photos and writing. You can find him at

Tonight at the BAGHA

Tonight is going to be a good night at the BAGHA Club: Andrew and I are really looking forward to dishing out some seriously cool tunes in the upstairs area.

To all the sound guys, the BAGHA staff and manager, and all the wonderful individuals who are helping to make this happen (you in the audience included): THANK YOU, and see you down there!