March 22, 2007

BlueNote and the Eyeballs

Our good friend and Chief Advisor to BlueNote, Zub Mahboob, tells us that success in this game is all about Eyeballs. We need people to see us, to recognise the logo, to associate us with serious, quality music and entertainment.

Well, last night there were certainly plenty of eyeballs at Le Saigon, even if a few of them were slightly unfocussed towards the end of the evening. We played along with Renaissance, pioneers of the Dhaka rock scene ever since the 80s, a band with brains as well as dashing good looks, led by our close friend Imran Rahman on vocals and guitar. Great atmosphere as always at Le Saigon, and we rocked. A great time was had by all - until well past 1am. How very rock and roll.

Positive comments poured in, and not only from those with unfocussed eyeballs (although one man did keep hugging Andrew and telling him he loved him like a brother). More importantly, there is talk in the air of BlueNote live at the Saigon, BlueNote live at the Heritage, and BlueNote live at Happy Hour at the British Club. Watch this space.


Don said...

Hey Andrew!! good to see u got a band now!! I mean wow!! how many tings do u do alltogether man?? Multitaskin isnt it? and hey I read ur article on the Daily Star today...and yup!! Its great!! and listen...u know dat i run a club in ULAB called the "film club" and maybe if we invite u...can u play for us?? ill talk to Dr. Anis about it...and u als lemme know ok?

and take care


BlueNote said...

Hi Don. Thx for this. Let's talk about it. If ULAB are prepared to make a donation to BNWLA on our behalf, then we're in business...